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About Us

Apgar Foundation is possible because of the success of Somerset Tire Service (STS), an automotive service and tire company based in New Jersey. John "Jack" N. Apgar, Jr., founded STS in 1958 and led it until his death in 1987. STS was and is a remarkable American success story. Jack Apgar always gave credit for STS's success to the company's highly motivated employees.

STS has always been owned 100% by its employees, including the Apgars. Many became millionaires because of their stock ownership. STS also emphasized a generous profit-sharing plan for employees based on an annual merit review. By 1987, STS provided 300 families with stable, generous incomes. Remarkably, Jack Apgar and his family never owned more than 18% of STS.

STS has appeared in multiple Harvard Business School case studies for its extremely decentralized management style, in which the primary goal is to deliver customer satisfaction. Every employee has the authority and freedom to use his God-given talents to make autonomous decisions on how to best accomplish the goal. Effective employees are rewarded and promoted.

After Jack's death, the family sold all its STS stock back to the company. Eventually, Jack's widow created the Apgar Foundation to support and encourage those aspects of the American cultural, religious, political, and economic heritage that made her family's financial success possible.

Foundation Missions

The three primary charitable missions of the Foundation are:
  • University and college programs, especially new, expanding, or changing ones, that promote an understanding of the Western and American intellectual heritage;
  • Church-related projects and missions based on traditional Judeo-Christian thought;
  • Programs to prevent birth defects or cure children's diseases.

Edward A. Capano President and Chairman Martha B. Apgar President Emeritus
John N. Apgar Vice President/Treasurer John J. Miller Director
Jay S. Nordlinger Secretary Frederic J. Fransen Advisor